Fetish is a Bulgarian fashion brand specializing in the creation of women's designer clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories.

Do you dare?
Do you dare?
Екипът на Fetish обсъждащ идеи за нови продукти
_Our history

The beginning of her story begins in the fall of 2011.

Driven by their love for fashion, the beautiful and the unconventional, the two designers - Hristina Tomova and Zina Chaneva - decided to share this love of theirs with all the ladies who want to express their individuality through their appearance.
According to many old interpretations, a Fetish is subject to unconditional recognition and elevation into a cult.
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Fetish has many company stores in Bulgaria and Europe.

The brand is rapidly gaining popularity and currently, in addition to the company store in Plovdiv, there are also stores in most major cities of the country and Europe.
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