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Do you like the style of Fetish? We are proud that for more than a decade we have been able to create our signature style that our loyal female fans recognize and love.

f you have a shop and want to offer Fetish Style clothes in your city too – let's talk! We welcome new partnerships.
The only condition is that there is no partner of our brand in your city yet!
Дрехи произведени от Fetish
Продукти произведени от Fetish
_how are we different?

New and different models every week.

Fetish Style has its own factory near Plovdiv with full-time fashion designers, tailors and tailors. This allows us to implement new models in a short period of time. In the last few years, we have launched new models every week and thus manage to always be current, weaving into the general concept of our style elements of shorter-lived fashions quickly after their emergence.
Дрехи произведени от FetishДрехи произведени от FetishДрехи произведени от Fetish
_how are we different?

Impeccable quality of workmanship and fabrics!

One of the big advantages of the Fetish Style brand is that we care about quality. That is why we carefully select the materials we work with. We import quality fabrics from Italy, which we select ourselves on site. We own our own factory, where we have control over every step of production – from the modelers' sketches to the finished product. We meticulously inspect each piece to ensure that every seam and every hem meets our high standards.
Платове във фабриката на FetishЗашиване на етикет на Fetish
_the cities where we have partners

Affiliate network.

This is an up-to-date list of our partners and representatives in Bulgaria and Europe. If the city in which you want to open a store with our products is not present, you can contact us by phone: +359 882 060 603 or using the form below.

_в България

  • Montana
  • Sevlievo
  • Sandanski
  • Parvomay
  • Razlog
  • Etropole
  • Ruse

_в Европа

_Did we manage to intrigue you?

Let's discuss the details...

Take advantage of the opportunity to become part of our affiliate network. Contact us to discuss the potential of our partnership and any questions that concern you.
phone: +359 882 060 603
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